22nd IMCWP, COntribution by the Iraqi CP

11/24/22 3:36 PM
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Iraqi Communist Party

Contribution to the 22nd IMCWP

(Havana, Cuba 27-29 Oct. 2022)

Dear Comrades,

I convey the warmest greetings of the Iraqi Communist Party to the 22nd International Meeting of the Communist and Workers’ Parties, wishing its deliberations every success.

We also express our high appreciation to the fraternal Communist Party of Cuba for hosting this meeting, which is held in challenging times, thereby demonstrating its fidelity to the lofty ideals of Communism and internationalist solidarity. 

On this occasion, we reiterate our firm solidarity with the Cuban people and Communist Party, supporting their courageous struggle against the criminal blockade imposed by US imperialism for more than 60 years. We join the worldwide demands for the immediate lifting of this blockade and an end to all heinous acts targeting Cuba and its revolution. 

Dear Comrades,

Our International Meeting is taking place in a turbulent world situation, marred by heightened tensions and armed conflicts and wars, that have included Europe. As a result, world peace and humanity are facing grave dangers and challenges that are the biggest threats since the Second World War and the end of the Cold War.

Facing this very dangerous juncture, Communist and Workers’ parties have a significant and vital role in defending the cause of world peace, at a time when imperialist warmongers and reactionary forces are whipping up Cold War hysteria, even to the extent of contemplating the use of nuclear weapons.  

Our Iraqi Communist Party had hoped, like other peace-loving forces in the world, that the outbreak of war between the Russian Federation and Ukraine would be avoided and the disputed issues be resolved through dialogue, negotiations, and peaceful and diplomatic means. While we condemned and rejected resorting to the option of war, we also condemned the acts of provocation, escalation, insistence on expanding NATO eastwards, disregarding legitimate Russian security concerns, and seeking to besiege and encircle Russia militarily by the US and NATO members states. The US-NATO plans ultimately aim to establish hegemony and control over the world, its states, peoples and resources, and return it to the climate of Cold War and arms race.

We add our voice to those of peace-loving forces that have risen around the world, condemning this war and calling for it to stop immediately, and to resort to negotiations under the auspices of the UN, and to serious dialogue to reach understandings that guarantee the interests of all parties, reassure the civilian population and the right of all peoples to live in safety and peace, away from the scourge and evil of wars.

We believe that this International Meeting can play an active role in developing a world-wide campaign to bring an immediate end to this war. It should launch an initiative to build a broad front of progressive forces and social movements, in each country and internationally, to mobilize for peace and to defeat imperialist war mongers.

Dear Comrades, 

The determination by Communist and Workers’ parties to resume the annual meetings, after the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, testifies to their vital importance as a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences and developing joint action.

But this requires urgently addressing the shortcomings that this international forum continues to face. Both the format and content of our International Meetings need to be reviewed, in depth, based on a critical analysis of accumulated experience, with the aim of revitalizing this forum, providing space for our parties to discuss and resolve differences in views and positions, in a comradely atmosphere.

Dear Comrades, 

Since our party’s 11th National Congress that was held in Baghdad in November 2021, under the slogan “For Comprehensive Change: A Democratic Civil State and Social Justice”, Iraq has witnessed the deepening of the all-encompassing structural crisis. This crisis is rooted in the existing ethno-sectarian power-sharing quota system that was installed after the US war, invasion and occupation and the end of Saddam’s dictatorship in 2003.

Following the early elections in October 2021, a political impasse continued with intensified infighting among the ruling blocs. In the face of mounting popular anger and growing protests, fearing the possible eruption of another uprising, the ruling blocs recently struck a deal to elect a new president and then proceed to form a new government. But such a government, produced by a parliament that lacks representative legitimacy (with almost 80% of the eligible voters boycotting the elections) will only perpetuate the politically bankrupt system.

With the continued spread of corruption, the widening gap between the rich and the poor, and the absence of social justice, there has been an upsurge in the protest movement.

Tens of thousands of protesters came out in Baghdad and other provinces on 1st October 2022 to mark the third anniversary of the October Popular Uprising. The demonstrators denounced endemic corruption, political sectarianism and repressive measures by the government. They renewed the just demands that the killers of more than 800 young peaceful protesters (including 6 members of our party), during the Uprising, must be brought to justice. They also called for abolishing armed militias and ensuring the independence of the judiciary.

The Iraqi Communist Party has been actively involved in efforts to unite democratic forces and achieve unity in action, with the aim of changing the balance of forces. A new umbrella organisation or front, under the name of the “Democratic Forces for Change”, is being formed. It held a big conference in Baghdad on 15th October 2022, which was attended by hundreds of activists of democratic political forces and movements from all over the country. Their vision for change includes putting an end to the corrupt governing system and building a democratic civil and prosperous Iraq based on the principle of citizenship and social justice.

Only such an alternative can ensure that Iraq regains its national sovereignty and ends foreign interference in its internal affairs, whether by the US and its allies or by regional powers. The recent escalation of Turkish and Iranian military aggression and attacks on areas in Iraqi Kurdistan are further evidence of this continuing foreign interference.

Dear Comrades, 

On this occasion, we express our high appreciation for the internationalist solidarity and support extended by many fraternal parties to the Iraqi people, Communists and democrats in their just struggle.  

While wishing the 22nd International Meeting of the Communist and Workers’ Parties every success, we once again extend our warm greetings to all the delegates, with special thanks to the fraternal Communist Party of Cuba.  

We reaffirm our determination to develop and strengthen relations with fraternal parties, and with the forces of peace and progress in the world, in the joint struggle for peace, freedom, democracy, social progress and socialism.

Long live internationalist solidarity!

The Central Committee

Iraqi Communist Party

28 October 2022