4th IMCWP, Contribution of Workers' Party of Korea

6/21/02 11:41 AM
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WP of Korea, Contribution to the Athens Meeting 21J2002

The New Situation in the World After September 11th


Comrade delegates,

This international meeting on the new global situation
after September 11 is of significance for the
accomplishment of the cause of independence and for the
onward movement by the world revolutionary forces, as the
meeting is taking place amid the unprecedendly growing
aspiration of humankind for the 21st century to be a
century of independence, equality and peace.

Allow me, first of all, to express my profound gratitude to
the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece for
its preparation of this meeting and for its kind invitation
to our delegation.

Viewpoint on the Post-September 11 Situation of the World

Despite the complicated international situation and the
intricate pattern of the global alliance of forces
following the September 11 event in the United States in
the first year of the 21st century, there continuous an
uninterrupted struggle on the part of the people for
independence against domination and subordination.

The Great Comrade Kim Jong Il said as follows:
�The struggle between socialism and capitalism is the
struggle between the new and the old. That the new emerges
victorious and the old perishes is an immutable law of
historical development�.

In the wake of the world-shocking �event of September 11�
and particularly after the war in Afghanistan, the United
States has become undisguised in its ambition to brand
those countries moving for independence against imperialism
as �terrorist-sponsoring states� and to throw its weight
around over these countries through strong-arm tactics.
These moves, however, will never change the course of the
development of history and the trend of the times in the
direction of independence.

No matter how the situation may change, there will not be
any change in the intrinsic demand of the popular masses
for independence. Whatever unforeseen occurrence and
ordeals might stand in the way, the struggle of the popular
masses for independence will overcome them and move

Despite the complication of the international situation
marked by totally unexpected whirlwinds breaking out
world-wide and turns and twists in international relations,
the time is developing in the direction desired by the
progressive mankind, not as wanted by the imperialists.

There are a growing number of countries coming back to
their senses after perceiving the ulterior motives behind
the US attempts to extend its �war on terrorism�. They are
beginning to realise that behind the much-advertised US
goal of �combating terrorism� lucks its dangerous ambition
to reign over the world like an �emperor�. The vigorous
anti-US struggle now under way across the 5 continents is a
patent counter-evidence.

There is no doubt that over the years ahead there will
continue the struggle to establish independent poles, both
regional and continental, and this process will eventually
reduce the US sphere of influence and gradually bring down
its domination position.

The United States has emerged in the 20th century as the
most ferocious state of aggression and the domination
force, and as such the United States becomes the principal
target of the 21st century struggle for the accomplishment
of the cause for global independence.

In the post-cold war era, the United States has turned
itself into an evil empire that nobody else can ever match.
The United States has reduced no small number of countries
to subordination through big stick and with the dangling
sovereign states at its will, and forced its �American
prescriptions� on other nations, poking its nose into each
and every international and regional issues, big and small.


Since the inception of the bellicose Bush administration,
the US attitude challenging the global process of
multi-polarization and humankind's cause of independence
has assumed unprecedented arrogance and recklessness. But,
the United States will never be able to hold back the
development of the times.

As the US intensified its efforts to dominate and oppress
others, the world people's aspiration for independence is
growing in intensity. It is now linked with the struggles
against imperialism and the US. The growing aspiration for
multi-polarisation is also part of the anti-US struggle.

The expulsions of the US from the UN Commission of Human
Rights and from the UN Drug Agency, as well as strong
international reaction against the US withdrawal from the
ABM Treaty and from the �Kyoto Protocol� and the US program
for missile defence system are the proof of the growth of
the anti-US movement for independence and the increasing
isolation of the Unites States.

Having been dealt by a heavy political and economic blow by
the �September 11th event�, the United States is seeking a
way out of the current crisis through wars of aggression.
This evident from the fact the US has declared its �war on
terrorism� as a new �crusade� of the 21st century and is
scheming to expand its war beyond Afghanistan into other
countries and regions.

In the new international situation, we will strengthen
international unity and solidarity with political parties
around the world and form a world-wide anti-imperialist,
ant0US united front for a concerted action and heightened
vigour of common efforts so as to glorify the new century
as a century of peace, justice and independence.

2. The US Administration's Anti-DPRK Policy and the
Struggle of the Workers' Party of Korea.


The catastrophic September 11th event, unparalleled in the
US history, is the natural product of the Bush
administration's high-handed power politics, arbitrary
decisions and unilateralist foreign policy.

The Bush administration's policy to our country alone is
sufficient to show the ferocity and immaturity of its
foreign policy.

After taking office in the White House, Bush deliberately
launched bad mouthing campaign against us without any
reason, to show his hard-line posture in the US relations
with our country.

One of the typical examples is Bush's statement on January
30 this year, labelling our country, Iran and Iraq as part
of the �axis of evil�, prattling that they threaten the US
and the world peace.

The US State Department issued again an �annual report on
terrorism� on May 21 this year, attacking our country,
Cuba, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya and Sudan as
�terrorism-sponsoring states�.

Through his notorious �axis to evil� doctrine, Bush
described the United States as good and other countries
with different ideas and values as �evil� to deal with by
force, and this is a doctrine of evil and doctrine of
aggression, which talks injustice into justice and reaction
into progress.

Bush's �axis of evil� doctrine is designed to cover up his
sinister schemes; firstly to bail out of the poor situation
resulting from the �September 11 event�, economic slowdown
and Enron scandals; secondly to justify his policy for
greater military expenditure �to combat the `axis of evil'
and to push forward the missile defence system in high gear
for �preventing terrorist attacks�; and thirdly to expand
the �war on terrorism� world-wide so as to pressure and
threaten those countries refusing to co-operate in the

Bush has signed out our country as part of the �axis of
evil� and declared this year a �year of war�; this is a
revelation of his intention to brand our country as the
�No. 1 enemy� of the 21st century and bring the flames of
the war in Afghanistan to the Korean peninsula.

Throughout the history, there have been the precedents of
declaring �a year of peace�, but never has there been any
precedent of declaring �a year of war�. Out of all the
successive US Presidents, it is only Bush who has declared
a year as a �year of war�.

Our people ardently desire to live a dignified life as
independent people, not as slaves. We have confident and
strength to win the fight against any enemy. Such
confidence and strength are rooted in the pride and
self-respect of having the great leader and in our
invincible army-first politics.

The army-first revolutionary line, the mode of the
army-first politics, reflecting the changed international
situation today and the demand of the times, are the
strategic line and mode of politics that have to be
maintained as long as there exist the imperialist forces of
aggression in the world and until the cause of global
independence is achieved.

It is the great army-based politics that has enabled us to
successfully break through a multitude of ordeals and
difficulties amid the imperialists' anti-DPRK campaigns
over the past years, firmly defending and advancing the
Juche cause of socialism and to embark today on building a
socialist powerful nation.

The actual experience of our Party, army and people has
brought home to them the greatness and vitality of the
army0first politics and confirmed their belief that they
will succeed in building a powerful and prosperous nation
in the near future.

I wish to take this opportunity to extend our deep thanks
to comrade delegates and your Parties for your full support
to and firm solidarity with our Party and people in the
struggle for socialism and national reunification.

Our people have a stronger conviction and commitment to
follow the army-first politics of our Party for building a
socialist powerful nation and settling the final account
with the aggressors at the cost of our life and to achieve
the historic cause of the independent national
reunification through the implementation of the June 15
Inter-Korean Joint Declaration.

Under the wise leadership of the great Comrade Kim Jong Il,
our Party will continue to firmly defend and further
glorify our cause of socialism, and will actively
contribute to the just cause of world peace and to the
humankind's cause of independence, through stronger ties of
friendship, unity and co-operation forces, under the
uplifted banner of independence against imperialism and
banner of socialism.

The cause of global independence will emerge victorious in
the 21st century.