AKEL, Condemning the invasion isn’t enough - the occupation must be lifted

7/30/20 9:30 AM
  • Cyprus, Progressive Party of the Working People [AKEL] En Europe Communist and workers' parties

By Nikos Kouzoupis – member of the Central Committee of AKEL, Head of the Ideological Affairs Bureau of the Party

The betrayal committed by the mercenary ultra-right on July 15, 1974, simply gave the pretext for Turkey to invade Cyprus after five days, thus setting the preconditions for the fulfillment of the plans that were hatched behind the scenes at the NATO Spring Summit held in Lisbon in 1971. In three years the junta of Greece and its representatives here in Cyprus, namely the armed illegal EOKA B organisation, Grivas and the 3 Metropolitans (plotting against Makarios),did everything to overthrow the independent Cypriot state seeking the removal or even the assassination of itsdemocratically-elected President Archbishop Makarios and to dampenCypriot people’s militant resistance. This was the only way their transatlantic bosses could execute their plans aiming to transformour island into an unsinkable aircraft carrier in the regionby dividing it.

After their plans had failed, they proceeded to the execution of an openly fascist coup, mobilizing even the Greek Army contingent stationed in Cyprus (ELDYK), which left its military camp and took part in the overthrow of the legal order. Cyprus not only remained unfortified, but also betrayed, with the result that the Turkish army invaded, but practically landed on the shores of Kyrenia without a shot being fired, which at the most critical moments were abandoned without the necessary support, at a time when the planned firepower had been used in secondary areas.

The Turkish army’s landing, the creation of the necessary bridgehead and its reinforcement essentially predetermined the outcome of events and rendered the invader the master of the whole situation.

The evidence of the abandonment, the absence of any coordination and the treasoncommitted was clear to the National Guardsmen defending the homeland –both conscripts and reservists - from the very first moment of the invasion. In the 46 years that have elapsed since then, the publication of more and more new evidence and testimonies merely confirm and magnifie the extent of the coupiststreason and collusion with the invader, precisely for the fulfillment of the US-NATO plans against Cyprus.

The results of the twin crime of the coup and invasion are well known, which to this day oppresses our homeland and people, who paid a heavy price with the dead, the missing persons, wounded and war-stricken people, the refugees andenclaved people in the occupied areas. To this day the barbed wires of division, the geographical division and division of the people continue. Our betrayed people have been struggling for 46 whole years to healthe wounds, for the reunification of our country, for its liberation from the occupation, which was the culmination of imperialism’s conspiracies, hatched by the CIA and US Pentagon to abolish Cypriot independence.

This is a difficult struggle, which has gone through numerous critical points, dark paths and dangerous turning points, which are becoming even more difficult when on the one hand there is no consistencyon the sought goals, political will to understand the need for reunification and on the other hand when an erraticcultivated nationalism, intolerance and bigotry, communication games and a disputed attempt to apportionsupposed responsibilities prevails.

On the anniversary of the Turkish invasion, condemnations will be made, howeverpartition is being consolidated on the ground, but principally it is becoming rooted in people’s minds. The danger at the first stage of the complete assimilation of the Turkish Cypriot community and of the occupied territories by Turkey and subsequently of the Turkification of the whole of Cyprus is not someunrealistic scenario, but an existing reality.

Unfortunately, the government ruling forces cannot or better still do not want to fully comprehend the seriousness of the situation, pinning their hopes and believing in the support of certain foreign powers. Instead of taking concrete initiatives to prepare the ground for the resumption of talks for the solution of the Cyprus problem, the President of the Republic is raising false hopes inthe support from those forces responsible for the bloodshed in Cyprus, while simultaneously cultivating illusions among a section of public opinion that we are supposedly putting the occupying power Turkey in a tight corner because Cyprus has been transformed – dread the scenario - intoa "strategic" partner of the US.

So, instead of the official Greek Cypriot side in a clear way and expressing its positionsthrough its actions and deeds and promoting in practice the agreed framework of the solution of the Cyprus problem and with continuous initiatives, that it will convince and prove that it is indeed working towards and seeking a solution for the reunification of our homeland and people, it is looking towards other directions, skillfully preparing the climate psychologically.

Three years after the collapse of the procedureat Crans Montana and despite the narratives propagated by the government ruling forces, the stagnation surrounding the Cyprus problem and Turkey being relieved of responsibilities persist, while the fait accompli ones are being consolidated and expanded within the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Republic of Cyprus. The government ruling forces arefollowing developments unable to react, but expressing wishes and engaging in communication games attempting,with the full support of the mainstream mass media captive to interwoven interests,to fool and manipulate public opinion.

On the opposite pole are those forces seeking and struggling for a solution to the Cyprus problem that will bring peace and security for all its inhabitants. A solution based on the bi-zonal, bi-communal federation, on the basis of the UN Resolutions, the agreed framework and the convergences recorded, which will reunite our homeland, people, institutions and economy.

Only in this way will we liberate Cyprus from the occupation andthe barbed wires of division, remove the checkpoints and the foreign armies will leave our island.

Only in this way will reasonable preconditions be created for the harmonious coexistence of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots in a united state –the successor of the Republic of Cyprus, with a single sovereignty, a single citizenship and a single international personality, with a political decision in accordance with the provisions of relevant UN resolutions. A state free from any guarantees and intervention rights of third parties.

This will be the best memorial service for all the unjustly lostbrave young men of Cyprus and the vindication of their sacrifice.


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