AKEL, Cyprus must stand on Cuba's side at the UN General Assembly

11/8/19 10:33 AM
  • En Europe Communist and workers' parties


AKEL C.C. Press Office, 5th November 2019, Nicosia

In the coming days, the UN General Assembly will once again take a position on the issue of thecontinuing economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba. For 26 years now, the UN General Assembly has been overwhelmingly reiterating its condemnation of the US blockade and called on the US to end it. Nonetheless, not only does the United States not comply with this universal demand, but the Trump administration is annulling the rapprochement measures that had been taken in previous years and is once again intensifying the sanctions and blockade against Cuba.

The blockade that has been going on for six decades has caused hundreds of billions of dollars in damages to the Cuban economy and, as a result, to the standard of living of the country’s people. The United States believes that by doing so they will force the Cuban people to turn against the Revolution and the socialist system. Of course, this has proved futile. The people of the country themselves has chosen and is defending this path of their country’s socio-economic development. At the same time, the hardening of the blockade with the imposition of new restrictions on Cuba by the US is part of the intensification of American aggression in general against Latin America and its peoples.

AKEL calls on the Cypriot government to reaffirm that Cyprus will not change its position of principles and solidarity which Cyprus has towards Cuba and its just struggle to terminate the blockade. AKEL calls on the Government of Cyprus to support the resolution that Cuba will present to the UN and not to endorse any machinations by the US diplomacy to neutralize it.



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