AKEL, On the 31st Festival of Youth and Students of EDON Cyprus

7/16/18 2:38 PM
  • Cyprus, Progressive Party of the Working People [AKEL] En Europe Communist and workers' parties

The 31st Pancyprian Festival of Youth and Students of the EDON (United Democratic Youth Organization), the youth movement aligned to AKEL, took place with great success with the mass and enthusiastic participation of many thousands of young people on 4/5/6th July in Nicosia. It once again reaffirmed EDON as the militant and leading force and voice of the young people of Cyprus  at the forefront of all "small" and big struggles.  

It also represented a resounding and powerful reply to various nationalist chauvinist circles who are undermining the goal of achieving a bizonal. bicommunal federal solution through negotiations under UN auspices in line with the agreed framework and principles of the solution of the Cyprus problem, UN resolutions and International Law. The Festival expressed Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot youth's common struggle for the reunification of our common homeland and people, for a united, independent. sovereign and federal country, a bridge of peace and friendship with all the peoples of our region.  

The Festival was the culmination of many events at a local and regional level. The demands of the organized youth movement were highlighted and projected. The Festival also expressed its solidarity with all struggling peoples fighting against imperialism and its plans, fighting for their independence, sovereignty and dignity, especially with the peoples of our troubled region. Numerous fraternal youth organizations participated in the Festival, strengthening the unity and joint action of the left and progressive youth movement.  

The Festival of EDON, the product of the tireless work of hundreds of militants and volunteers, has once again shown the way of mass, collective, organized and united struggle for the rights of youth, for Cyprus and its people, for peace in Cyprus and the world. 

Attached you will find the speeches of the General Secretary of EDON and AKEL, together with the official video of the Festival and scenes from the mass participation of youth, as well as some characteristic photographs.


Official video of the 31st Festival Youth and Students of the United Democratic Youth Organization EDON.



General view of the Festival's mass participation of youth