[CP Swaziland] CPS condemns granting of observer status to apartheid Israel in African Union

8/4/21 3:08 PM
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Communist Party of Swaziland

CPS condemns granting of observer status to apartheid Israel in African Union

MBOMBELA, 4 August 2021:- The Communist Party of Swaziland (CPS) has condemned the acts of the African Union Commission to grant observer status to the apartheid state of Israel in the African Union.

In a continent that is still ravaged by the legacy of colonialism, the African peoples cannot afford to have a colonialist force being afforded any quarter in the continent to spread its influence.

The Palestinian people have been languishing under a brutal colonial and apartheid Israeli regime. The last place that the Palestinian people would ever expect the apartheid regime to find any breathing space is Africa.

“The CPS is particularly concerned with this move by the AU Commission because apartheid Israel plays a sub imperialist role in Swaziland and has strengthened its diplomatic relations with the Mswati autocracy”, said CPS General Secretary, Thokozane Kenneth Kunene.

The CPS General Secretary also welcomed the outright rejection of Israel by many AU member states. “We call upon more African governments to pronounce their rejection of apartheid Israel as well as the policy of colonialism”, said Kunene.

The CPS also calls for the African working class to unite in the fight against all forms of colonialism and imperialism, and for the strengthening of the African Left Networking Forum in this regard.

“We identify with the struggles waged by the Palestinian people for the end of occupation of their land and for true independence. We will continue mobilising the people of Swaziland to raise their voices against the injustices faced by the people of Palestine under the yoke of apartheid”, Kunene emphasised.




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