CP of Australia, International Day in Solidarity with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

8/12/19 1:16 PM
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10th August 2019

The Communist Party of Australia joins millions of people around the world in condemning President Trump’s inhumane and illegal blockade on the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Trump’s Executive Order of 5th August aims at regime change in Venezuela. The full economic blockade is an act of war against all Venezuelans. It freezes all Venezuelan assets in the United States preventing the purchase of food and medicines by the Maduro government. It also threatens other countries with sanctions if they freely choose to trade with Venezuela. This violates international law by imposing extra territorial pressures. The extent of the new sanctions on Venezuela are similar to those imposed by the US on Cuba for more than sixty years.

The CPA recognises President Nicolas Maduro as the legitimately elected president of Venezuela and calls on the Australian government to withdraw the recognition of the self-declared president, coup leader Juan Guaido. We also condemn those who call for a military solution to the crisis created by US imperialism.

President Maduro and his government have called for dialogue and respect of its sovereignty to find solutions in the best interest of the Venezuelan people.

The CPA denounces the recent actions by the Trump Administration and condemns the economic blockade which is affecting the normal life of millions of Venezuelans who directly suffer from the effects of the inhumane blockade through a lack of food stuffs, medicines and medical supplies.

We condemn the actions by banks who have seized funds that belong to the Venezuelan people and their government. The seizure of those assets is a violation of human rights, sovereignty and international law.

We demand the US lift the sanctions against Venezuela and its legitimate government. We call on all left, revolutionary, progressive and democratic people around the world to stand up against the injustice on the people of Venezuela and its legitimate government.

We stand against the US blockade on Venezuela               

Trump Unblock Venezuela!

 In solidarity,

 Communist Party of Australia, CPA