CP of Bang;adesh, CPB condemns Bangladesh govt. for joining Saud-led military alliance

2/7/19 4:24 PM
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Press Release

5 February, 2019

Dhaka, Bangladesh



In a statement to the press on 5th February 2019, Communist Party of Bangladesh (CPB) President Mujahidul Islam Selim and General Secretary Comrade Shah Alam have condemned Bangladesh government for joining Saudi-led military alliance as a great mistake. They said that the Saudi Arabia opposed the liberation war of Bangladesh and it backed the Pakistani military by arms, money and diplomacy.

Saudi Arabia sheltered the killers of 1971 including Gulam Azam. Saudi cannot escape the liability of helping the killers. Still the govt is backing the anti-liberation fundamental forces including the Jamat and Shibir.

The leaders said, people of Bangladesh are struggling for a non-aligned principle for long time. Joining Saudi-led alliance is totally against the will of the common people. It is also contradictory to the constitution of the country.

Bangladesh is going to sign a defense agreement with Saudi goverment on 14th February. According to that agreement, Bangladesh will send 1800 army personnel to remove mines in the war-torn areas of Saudi-Yemen borders. CPB leaders said, Joining this alliance is a derogatory act to the spirit of the Liberation war.

They said, this alliance will involve Bangladesh into the Middle East crisis among Muslim countries. That is a big threat to the national interest and security.

The leaders demanded immediate withdrawal of Bangladesh from this Saudi-led military alliance to uphold an anti-imperialism, non-aligned, progressive foreign policy according to the spirit of the liberation war and the guidelines of country’s constitution. They also called upon the patriots, progressive forces and the people of all classes to be aware of the imperialist and communal aggression.