CP of Bohemia and Moravia, a short summary from the XIth Congress of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia

5/19/22 1:19 PM
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  1. Congress of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
  2. Congress of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia took place on May, 14.-15. 2022 in Brno. Three hundred delegates from all over the Czech Republic participated in the proceedings of the Congress. This regular Congress was a continuation of the extraordinary Congress of the party which took place after the usuccesfull performance in the parliamentary elections in October, 2021.

The Congress paid an attention not only to the discussions over the further orientation of the CPB&M, but to the outcomes of the actual problems of the Czech Republic. The Czech communists have presented series of concrete suggestions how to overcome from marxist perspective the ongoing crisis of the capitalist system and its impacts on the majority of the Czech population. At the same time the Congress has unanimously rejected the efforts for military presence of the USA on the soil of the Czech Republic and a long-time appeal for the termination in the aggresive pact of NATO has been confirmed.

The discussion was focused on the activities in the trade unions, ways of addressing the young generation, building an united alliance against the efforts to falsify history on the anti-communist grounds and fight for peace, not only in the context of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The delegates of the Congress has also approved the modernized version of the Statutes of the party and were dealing with the lay out of the imminent targets of the Czech communists. The attention has been devoted to the performance of the party in media, including the weekly newspaper of the party – Naše pravda /Our truth/, special internet application for our members and sympathizers and in general, impetus to use internet for the presentation of the party politics.

The candidates of the CPB&M for the forthcoming Senate elections have been presented as well as the preparation of the party for communal elections. Mr. J. Skála, who placed a candidacy for the presidential election, a candidate supported by the CPB&M, delivered a speech to the delegates of the Congress.

The Congress has confirmed the newly elected Central Committee of the CPB&M as well as the other central party organs. Mrs. K. Konečná have been reelected the Chair of the CPB&M, with comrades, P. Šimůnek, M. Krajča, M. Pěnčíková and L. Šulda as Vice-Chairs of the party.

In the conclusion of its proceedings, the XI. Congress has adopted a statement:

It apart from others, declare: ‚Our targets are clear. Priorities for our party is to secure a dignified living conditions for the people, not just surviving. We demand a right for accessible housing and a financing of building of 40 thousand flats per year for our citizens from the public funds. We demand an introduction for the regulation of rent fees for the housing and taxation of the grey business with the flats. We ask for the increase of the minimum wage to 20 thousand CZK and for a general increase of salaries and shortening of the weekly working hours to 35 hours, preserving the full payment of the salary. We are promoting dignified pensions, free of charge education and health care. We are striving for self-sufficiency in food-stuffs and introduction of a zero VAT tax on the basic food-products and services. We are demanding a ban on the exports of the unsufficient commodities and introduction of the maximum roof level for prices of fuel products and energies in general. The state should take over  a full control over the production and distribution of electricity, including the purchase of gas and its storage and distribution network. We are striving for an abolition of private executors and an efficient fight against usury and poverty. We are supporting an introduction of progressive taxation, imposition of billionaires tax and termination of a yearly transfers of billions of crowns abroad from our country.

We are at the forefront of people´s fight for a peaceful and sovereign foreign policy, we are rejecting the foreign military bases on our soil and we are striving for an exit of the Czech Republic from aggresive pact of NATO. We are for strengthening of democratic rights. Thats one of the reasons why we are pushing the votation of a law permitting the decesion of the people in plebiscite, including their right to express the will regarding  to stay or not in the European Union.

For achieving these targets we are offering a cooperation to all political forces who are identified with them. But, the origins of the current crisis are of a system nature. That is why, their solution is necessary to look after outside of the current capitalist system, that is based on exploitation, oppression and wars. Face to face of the problems of today, the alternative of socialism has not lost anything on its up to date solution of the global problems. The CPB&M is sure, that the future belongs to the sociallly justfull society.‘