CP of Canada, Solidarity with the People and the Sudanese Communist Party!

10/29/21 2:14 PM
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October 26, 2021                               


Solidarity with the People and the Sudanese Communist Party!

Defeat the military coup d’etat!

Construct a democratic civilian government in Sudan!


The Communist Party of Canada condemns the traitorous actions of the Sudanese military which overthrew the civilian government it was a partner in, in a coup d’etat October 25th

The hopes of the Sudanese people for a peaceful path to national sovereignty and independence, to peace,l progress and social and economic advance via this alliance of civilian and military forces,  has been blown apart.  

Arrests, killings, and worse of Sudan’s Communists and democrats are the military’s legacy.   They are a force for the continuation of Sudan’s domination and exploitation by the EU and US imperialism.  The Sudanese people must be free to determine their own economic and social path forward.  

We call on the government of Canada, and Parliament, to condemn the coup  and demand the restoration of civilian government in Sudan, and further, to demand guarantees of the safety of Sudanese civilians, democrats, patriots, Communists and others opposing the coup and fighting for democracy and civilian government in Sudan.  

The Communist Party of Canada expresses our unity and solidarity with the Sudanese Communist Party and the people of Sudan today.  The military coup cannot win!   The people united will never be defeated! 


Central Executive Committee

Communist Party of Canada 

October 26, 2021