CP of India, CPI Decries Alwar Lynching on Suspected Cow Smuggling

7/23/18 4:48 PM
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The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India severely condemns the continuing lynching of innocent Muslims in the name of suspected cow smuggling:

The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India notes with deep indignation and anguish that despite directive from the apex court and assurances by RSS-controlled BJP government led by Narendra Modi, a 28-year-old Rakbar Khan, also known as Akbar was beaten to death at Alwar in Rajasthan on the night July 20, 2018 night by RSS-BJP men in the name of cow smuggling.

Villagers in Ramgarh saw two men with cows and without any rhyme or reason attacked them. One of them died on the spot, while the other was taken to hospital after much delay perhaps hoping that he would also breathe his last. Akbar Khan, a resident of Kolgaon in Haryana, and another man were taking two cows to their village through a forest area near Lalawandi village in Alwar.

Rakbar Khan's killing comes four days after the Supreme Court had asked the legislature to consider enacting a new penal provision to deal with mob violence and provide deterrent punishment to offenders. “In case of fear and anarchy, the state has to act positively,” said the Chief Justice of India, who termed the incidents of mob lynching as “horrendous acts of mobocracy”. Strangely, Rajasthan home minister Gulab Chand Kataria inresponse had said there was no real need for a new law against cow vigilantism.

The Party recalls that Union home minister Rajnath Singh condemned the mob killings but reiterated that law and order is a state issue and the centre can provide help if needed. Mr Singh’s colleague Union minister of state of finance, and Bikaner MP, Arjun Ram Meghwal sharing the blame-game sentiments of RSS-BJP called the lynching part of a conspiracy against the rising popularity of Narendra Modi. CPI condemns such heinous acts and unwillingness to stop them by the BJP ruled governments.