CP of India, CPI Expresses Shock and Deplores the FIR at 49 Eminent Personalities and Demands Scrapping of Sedition Laws

10/7/19 1:01 PM
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The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India issued the following statement on October 05, 2019:

Communist Party of India strongly expresses shock and dismay at the FIR against the 49 signatories of the open letter to the Prime minister on lynchings across the country on such grave charges like sedition. The CPI firmly stands for independent judiciary at all levels but situations like this are bound to strengthen the apprehension which is already there that the judicial systems are used to harass and intimate the critics of present BJP government controlled by RSS. All these individuals are eminent personalities who are known for their contributions in various fields of Art, Culture and academics. The response of the given court to the complaint of an over ambitious lawyer almost amounts to disallowing any public criticism of state and government.

This episode once again confirms our apprehensions that our country is moving fast towards a fascist totalitarian regime, stifling democracy where fear is ruling everywhere and political opponents are put in jails on flimsy and false charges to languish in prisons with bails being rejected repeatedly.

For people of our country judiciary is the last hope to seek protection from the state turning increasingly oppressive. If courts appear to be aiding this oppression further then it is a grave situation with most dangerous consequences.

The community of lawyers have got an important role to play in safeguarding democratic and constitutional values. But some lawyers themselves becoming a party to the oppression of State is equally frightening. CPI appeals to the community of lawyers to help in protecting democracy, secularism and stand for suffering people of our country.

CPI reiterates that these infamous sedition laws that were used essentially against all freedom fighters by British should be scrapped. Let us recall that Gandhi ji called for scrapping of these laws. In democracy, the right of people to criticise government openly for any reason should be welcomed and be treated as sacrosanct and certainly not as sedition.

CPI strongly expresses solidarity with the signatories of this open letter.



Office Secretary