CP of Ireland, CPI statement on the latest US aggression against Venezuela

8/12/19 1:19 PM
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August 2019

CPI statement on the latest US aggression against Venezuela

The Communist Party of Ireland, once again express our solidarity with the people of Venezuela and condemns the latest round of sanctions and the tightening of its illegal blockade of Venezuela.

The United States has sought to control all of America since the Monroe doctrine was declared. It has sought to prevent any country from embarking on its own chosen path or asserting its independence and sovereignty. Since the election of Hugo Chavez as President of Venezuela, the Bolivarian Republic has under attack, organised by the remnants of the old subservient regime under the direction of the United States.

The Trump regime has intensified the pressure ón Venezuela, Refusing to recognise the freely elected President, Nicolas Maduro, it claims the right to impose its own nominee to the post. Along with its European allies and Latin American client states it recognises Juan Gaidó as President.

Gaidó's efforts to organise a coup d'état have collapsed ignominiously. He has shown himself to be without support in the country – but, never mind, he has the support of the USA.

President Trump's response to the defeat of his protégé is to intensify the economic war against Venezuela, with his usual contempt for international law, which forbids any such unilateral sanctions as acts of aggression. Having already declared sanctions against the food distribution agency. (local committees for distribution and production, known as CLAP). He has now declared a blockade ón Venezuela. Clearly, he intends to starve the people into submission.

This criminal blockade is totally illegal. Venezuela has the right to determine its own government, to decide its own course of social development, to its independence and sovereignty. The Venezuelan people have steadfastly defended the course they have chosen, the Bolivarian Revolution. They deserve the full support of all who value the right to peace, independence and sovereignty.  Statement ends