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10/9/18 3:49 PM
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BUILD PUBLIC HOUSING NOW! : Jimmy Doran:  https://socialistvoice.ie/2018/10/balaclavas-evictions-and-the-state/

With balaclavas and evictions, the true nature of the state was revealed when employees of a private security firm, masked and armed with sledgehammers and cutting equipment, smashed into occupied premises while being protected by gardaí, who were also were wearing balaclavas.


Fianna Fail in a bind: Tommy McKearney; https://socialistvoice.ie/2018/10/fianna-fail-in-a-bind/

MÍCHEÁL MARTIN’S Fianna Fáil is in a bind. The man once described by the Irish Times columnist Miriam Lord as the Grand Old Duke of Cork is still impaled on the horns of a dilemma. He has led his party into a perilous position, leaving it stranded in political no-man’s land.



Trade unions and the 1990 Industrial Relations Act: Darl D’Art:  https://socialistvoice.ie/2018/10/not-seeing-the-wood-for-the-trees-a-response-2/

IN THE July and August issues of Socialist Voice, Jimmy Doran and Niall Cullinane debated the merits of reforming the Industrial Relations Act (1990).


Not seeing wood form the Trees: Niall Cullinane:  https://socialistvoice.ie/2018/10/not-seeing-the-wood-for-the-trees-a-response-1/

IN SEPTEMBER’S Socialist Voice, two articles (“Not seeing the wood for the trees” by Ernst Schreiber and “Unity is strength” by Laura Duggan) raised issue with a piece written by this contributor in the August issue (“The wrong act?”).


The Irish left and the EU:    https://socialistvoice.ie/2018/10/the-irish-left-and-the-european-union/

Summary of the talk given by the general secretary of the CPI, Eugene McCartan, at the 2018 Desmond Greaves Summer School.

This is an important question under discussion. We certainly operate and struggle against the European Union in a complex situation in our country today. There are no simple answers, no easy or pain-free solutions to the many challenges facing our people, particularly the overarching role and control by the European Union.


Statement from Communist Party of Ireland : 3 October 2018:   https://socialistvoice.ie/2018/10/the-attack-on-public-transport-must-be-resisted-and-defeated/

The Communist Party of Ireland condemns the attempt at further privatisation by putting out to public tender another 10 per cent of Bus Éireann routes. We are not fooled by the standard neoliberal dual strategy of starving and running  down their target,.......


Late Stage Capitalism: Rhys Black:    https://socialistvoice.ie/2018/10/late-stage-capitalism-a-new-phase-in-the-system-or-the-regression-of-welfare-capitalism/

OVER THE last twenty years the acceleration of the internet and web sites has been critical in the development of thought and ideology in the new wave of Marxists now reaching the age of revolutionary activity and education.


Rights of Man: Graham Harrington:  https://socialistvoice.ie/2018/10/the-rights-of-man/

THOMAS PAINE’S famous work Rights of Man was published in 1791. It was written as a reply to Reflections on the Revolution in France by the Anglo-Irish politician Edmund Burke.


Another failure for the right in Venezuela: Seán Edwards:  https://socialistvoice.ie/2018/10/another-failure-for-the-right-wing-in-venezuela/

NOBODY RELYING on the news media in Ireland can have any understanding of events in Venezuela. They take their line from the international corporate media (primarily North American, British, and Spanish), which are waging a media war against the government.


A New Constitution for Cuba:https://socialistvoice.ie/2018/10/a-new-constitution-for-cuba/

SOCIAL PROPERTY will be the main basis for production in Cuba after the adoption next year of a new constitution, and this will continue to be the governing principle of the country's social and economic life. This was the main message of the Cuban deputy minister of foreign affairs, Ana Teresita González Fraga, when she addressed a gathering of friends of Cuba in Dublin last month.



Another world is possible - José Saramago: Jenny Farrell:    https://socialistvoice.ie/2018/10/another-world-is-possible/

TWENTY YEARS ago, on 8 October 1998, the communist writer José Saramago became the first Portuguese author to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature. The first fifty years of Saramago’s life were defined by the fascist dictatorship that ruled Portugal from 1926 to 1974 and his active resistance against it.


Avante Festival 2018: Graham Harrington:   https://socialistvoice.ie/2018/10/portuguese-communist-festival-2018/

IN THE first week of September the Communist Party of Ireland sent a delegation to the Avante festival in Portugal. The festival is sponsored by Avante! the weekly paper of the Portuguese Communist Party, and is held each year in the first week of September.

The PCP takes its international duties very seriously. It showed great hospitality and respect to its international guests, fifty-eight in total, who came from all continents.


Robin Hood: Dan Taraghan:   https://socialistvoice.ie/2018/10/robin-hood-ireland-and-the-communists/

ROBIN HOOD, the legendary outlaw known throughout the world, has an unusual connection with Ireland, and an even stranger connection with the communist movement. No-one knows for certain whether Robin Hood ever existed or was based on a real individual.


A Star is Born: Laura Duggan:  https://socialistvoice.ie/2018/10/a-star-is-born/

A Star Is Born has been remade for the fourth time and was released in Irish cinemas on 5 October.

The retelling follows the familiar story of an aging male star—this time the country singer Jackson Maine (played by Bradley Cooper)—..............


Poetry: Freedom becoming Eddie O’Neill:   https://socialistvoice.ie/2018/10/freedom-becoming/


Thro’ the shattered

mainstream of life

the waste land bears testimony to the


Hear mothers wail for dead children

whose fathers slave to re-erect the rubble

Upon the rubble their fathers erected

This alter for sacrificed generations