6/9/20 12:21 PM
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Statement from CP of Norway (NKP)


At two o’clock in the morning on Thursday, April 30th2020, a violent attack on the Cuban embassy in Washington DC took place. An individual drove up to the embassy and opened fire on the building with a powerful military style assault weapon with a high-capacity magazine.Luckily, no one were injured.

Days earlier he had surveyed the site, planned all the steps he would do, all in the middle of Washington DC, a few blocks from the White House, in a heavily guarded area. He drove miles with an AK-47, and fired on his target. 

The perpetrator Alexander AlazoBaro did not hide his hatred for the nation of his birth. At the Doral Jesus Worship Center his “friend” was Pastor Frank Lopez, with close relations with Marco Rubio, Congressman Diaz-Balart and other persons with recognized extremist positions. 

Last year the Trump administration connived in an illegal takeover of the Venezuelan embassy close to the same area in the US capital. 

The Trump administration inclusion of Cuba in the illegitimate US list of nations “that do not collaborate with the US government in the fight against terrorism” is counterproductive, as both Washington and the international community know, that Cuba has a clear and consistent position against terrorism. Cuba has been victim of terrorism. This is a unilateral, deliberate and dishonest decision, with no value before any competent forum or body, and is only used as an instrument of pressure on third countries, to alter their positions on Cuba. 

The propagandistic attacks on socialist Cubaare currently focused on trying to discredit Cuba’s highly respected international health solidarity work. Cuba’s latest important international help in the COVID-19 pandemic is also targeted by the current US government. It seems like the Trump administration has made a political commitment to put an end to the Cuban Revolution, without options for developing bilateral relations between the people on the two sides of the Florida Straits. 

The Trump administration is under international law obliged to afford full protection against such attacks to all diplomatic properties of foreign countries in the US. More than a month after the attack on the Cuban embassy the US government continues to refuse to issue a statement. MORE THAN A MONTH OF COMPLICIT SILENCE!


Oslo, June 5th 2020 

Runa Evensen SpokespersonSvend Haakon Jacobsen International Secretary