CP of Pakistan, CP Pakistan's press release on Iran

1/14/20 10:49 AM
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Press Release


Mr.Donald Trump,President of the United States of America's audacious move to murder Iranian General Qasem Soliemani along with other accompanied people through a Drone attack in Baghdad ,Iraq is outrageous and is in total violation of the international law of sovereignty of the state of Iraq to which the madcap regime in Iran responded vis a vis firing missiles over American Military basis in Iraq . The main motive of Mr.Trump was to ignite an other devastating war in the Middle East .

Communist Party of Pakistan strongly condemns this war provoking hysteria by the US imperialism and the religious extremists rulers of Iran . We believe that this malevolent development has stirred a wave of shock and horror in the entire region from the Gulf region to Pakistan and Afghanistan . Now its very important that all the peace loving sections of society in the whole region must record protest against this impending mayhem .

Now, unfortunately the people of Iran has to pay the even biggest price for the failed policies of their theocratic regime . The newly proposed US economic sanctions will further deepen the miseries of the people of Iran, as joblessness and inflationary will go skyrocket , paving way for the plunders and exploitation by the imperialist system .
In case war breaks out in the region ,the only one who will benefit the most will be the military industrial complex at the expense of the loss of poor people of the region .

The policies of regime in Iran has plunged the people of Iran into a deep ravine of poverty and countless miseries despite the abundant wealth of oil . This new onslaught of US sanctions will increase further the uncalled agonies of the people of Iran .

The people of Iran and America both must rise against the regimes of their respective countries for peace , democracy and Socialism .

CP Pakistan demands the military Generals of Pakistan to refrain being used by the fascist theocratic monarchs of Saudi-Arabia and the US America against Iran .

CP Pakistan will lead a peaceful rally on 12th January 2020 in Solidarity with the people of Iran .

Issued by:
Communist party of Pakistan