CP of Pakistan, On situation on Afghanistan and appeal to the communists and workers Parties

8/19/21 1:44 PM
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The story of Taliban occupation of Afghanistan and 1st part of the US imperialist another great game is slowly unfolding.The Afghans and the world is waking up to the new reality every day.

There are more questions than answers.How is it possible Taliban could occupy the whole Afghanistan in 11days while they were fighting 20 years against the US and NATO forces with no real gains? One thing is clear that Doha agreement was to construct the scene of the events and Taliban was handed over the power by US to play a role in the region for the US interests.They will be proxy of US imperialism and the conflict zone and the great game battle field will be extending now not only to the neighbouring Pakistan,Iran and Central Asian countries but Afghanistan and Taliban will be used to protect US interests in the region creating a defence line against China and Russia.

The Taliban rise will be sparking  a new wave of fundamentalist ideology and the progressive, democratic forces of the region will be targeted again.

The Afghans citizen rights, human  rights, the rights of women and children will be again under the hammer of Talibans so called Islamic laws.

The communist Party of Pakistan is watching these events very carefully and we have already appealed to the progressive forces and parties in Pakistan to unite so a strong and fighting force can be formed.

The Communist Party of Pakistan is also appealing to all fraternal communists and workers parties in the world to pressurise their respective governments to not recognise the Taliban regime until a free election is held in Afghanistan and a Democratic government is elected in Afghanistan ensuring the basic human and civic rights for all Afghans specially the rights of Women and children are respected.          

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