CP of Pakistan, Opinion of Communist Party of Pakistan on arrest of Asif Zardari

6/14/19 2:32 PM
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The Melodrama of an accountability is always used to pressurise the politicians. NAB (National accountability bureau  and the other organs like this have remained loyal to military establishment because this pillar of the state has permanently dominated the state. The corrupt and hated elements have regained public sympathies through so called accountability process. It should clearly be understood that corruptions and favouritism to nearest ones is the characteristic of Capitalist system. This was stated by secretary general of communist Party while addressing the meeting of party workers in Karachi. He further added that corruption is a lethal poison for the society. It bankrupts the country and pushes people towards plight and poverty. State organs become the tools in hands of corrupt people for accumulation of wealth,foreign forces buy these greedy corrupt elements to destroy nations. State interest and sovereignty of the nation was sold for the lust of dollars during Zia and Musharraf era. Accountability should be across the board. Corrupt elements among Generals, Judges, Politicians, Generalists and Aristocrats should be made accountable for. In present scenario NAB only becomes active against those people who do not totally and completely submit themselves to the establishment. They are arrested and faces legal threats but on the promises of submission and loyalty towards establishment these people are granted the title of “ Mr. Clean’’.

Vengeance and arrest of Asif Zardari , Nawaz Shareef and others is the rumpus of same attitude likewise a reference against an honest judge like justice Faez Esa, who is famous for his upright character reaches supreme judicial council.

Comrade Qazi also expressed his concern that these arrest may divert the anger of people against IMF tailored anti-people budget presented on June eleven. He demanded that all parliamentarian should be made present through production order so that the people can know whether they talk in the public interest or not.

Regional situation is advancing towards war. But Pakistani rulers are not concerned about public interest and national security rather they are escalating chaos. Party comrades should concentrate on issues of journal public and be resolute in their struggle against inflation, joblessness and for self-respect of people who are continuously humiliated.