CP of Pakistan, Statement of CPP on Kashmir

8/12/19 1:31 PM
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In the already volatile state of Jamu & Kashmir ,the annulation of article 370 and 35 which grants specail autonamous status to the state of Kashmir by the Indian Government, is a matter of gravious concern for the Indian Secular democratic morphology .This development has paved the way for India to transform into a fascist depostic state .

Communist Party of Pakistan strongly condemns this undemocratic move of the RSS and  BJP government ,pleading the international community to please step forward stopping India  into going bersirk fascist, restore the fore said articles in toto as defacto . In case, vice versa this  situation will  trigger escalation of religious fanaticism ,terrorism and jingoism in the region . All the public developmental resources will be swallowed by arms  race which will bring more miseries and distitudes upon the poor people in both the countries ,India and Pakistan alike .

CP Pakistan underscores that the unfortunatly  indengenous freedom struggle of the people of Kashmir is hijacked by the international actors and its local fundamentalist shenanigans by making it  to be a proxy war of Pakistan against India and the ruthless brutality by the Indian Government is considered as a retaliation to that effect .Speaches of the Pakistani PM Imran khan and establishment representatives smell pugnacious . CP Pakistan strogley condemns war mongering and appeals to peace loving forces of the world and region in particular to help restrain both contries from armed conflicts and let the people of Kashmir  excercise thier right to self determination . With this CP of Pakistan expresses solidarity with all the left forces of Inia  CPI and CPIM who have launched a strong protest against the BJP government on is  Kashmir Policy .

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