CP of Pakistan, Statement of General secretary on Taliban rise issued on the 15/08/2021

8/17/21 12:58 PM
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According to reports, the completion of the Taliban's occupation of Afghanistan happened in the presence of 5,000 US troops in Kabul which completed a phase of the new Great Game of Imperialism.  The United States also saved its face  and tried to hide a complete defeat from the world and brought the Taliban to power in less time  than a long period of time taken  in the 1990s, is the work of a new strategy of the US in Afghanistan . As many as 350,000 Afghan National Army troops with modern weapons retreated in front of the Taliban, handing over weapons to the Taliban on every front without a fight.  Due to the geo-strategic, geo-economic and geo-political importance of Afghanistan, all the global and regional powers want to occupy it with their loyal government.  Due to this fact, neither peace nor future peace could be established in Afghanistan.  Taliban captured  Afghanistan according to the script written and designed by the US.  Pakistan is a facilitator of the United States in this process.  

In the coming days, the game that the US will play in the region under the auspices of the Taliban with the help of ISIS, East Turkmenistan Islamic Movement and other groups is likely to have consequences  for China, Central Asian states as well as Pakistan.  Instead of celebrating over the oppression and looting of its neighbours, Pakistan should think of its own good.

 This victory of the Taliban will give courage to their  followers and thinkers in Pakistan and they will try to do the same in Pakistan.  For this reason, the state of Pakistan should adopt a serious defence strategy.  At the same time, the democratic and progressive forces must reorganise their strategies in view of this situation.

 Imdad Qazi

 Secretary General

 Communist Party of Pakistan