CP of Swaziland, BREAK THE CHAINS OF OPPRESSION: CPS demands unconditional release of Menzi Phungula and all political prisoners in Mswati’s jails

4/2/24, 3:14 PM
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BREAK THE CHAINS OF OPPRESSION: CPS demands unconditional release of Menzi Phungula and all political prisoners in Mswati’s jails


CPS calls for the mass democratic movement to stand in solidarity with Menzi and all political prisoners by attending his bail application on Wednesday 3 April 2024 and trial on Friday 5 April 2024


Tuesday 2 April 2024: The Communist Party of Swaziland (CPS) demands the unconditional release of Comrade Menzi Mpumelelo Phungula (30) who continues to languish in Mswati’s prison since his arrest on 8 December 2021 following a witch-hunt when the regime failed to suppress the people’s quest for democracy and freedom. 

Comrade Menzi’s trial was held today at the high court in Mbabane. However, in line with the regime’s intention to frustrate his release, the matter has been sent back to the high court registrar for re-allocation to a new judge. The authorities had initially allocated the matter to a retiring judge, and now that the judge has so retired his case must be allocated to a new judge. 

Upon Menzi’s arrest in 2021, the regime accused him of bombing a house of one of Mswati’s military men in Bhunya town, West of Swaziland, and thus charged him with arson and three counts of attempted murder. The year 2021 was a year of unprecedented violent persecution of the people of Swaziland when absolute monarch Mswati unleashed his soldiers to shoot and kill citizens who were engaged in peaceful protests in demand for democracy. The regime’s criminal crackdown led to the death of about 100 unarmed people, with hundreds more injured and maimed, and over 700 arrested. 

Comrade Menzi has endured over two years without trial in Mswati’s prisons and faces more persecution at the regime’s hands. From his arrest in 2021, he was remanded in Manzini at the Zakhele Remand Centre, and was transferred to Mbabane at the Sidvwashini Remand Centre on 31 May 2022 where he remains till this day. 

On Wednesday 3 April 2024, Menzi’s legal representative will apply for his release on bail, while the trial will proceed at the high court in Mbabane on Friday 5 April 2024. 

The Communist Party of Swaziland, in line with its Break the Chains Campaign, calls upon the peace-loving people of Swaziland to cram the high court in Mbabane in Comrade Menzi’s court appearances and demand his unconditional release as well as the release of all political prisoners. The regime is intent on crushing the people of Swaziland, particularly the youth, from rising against its autocratic rule. Political parties remain banned in Swaziland since 12 April 1973 when the monarch assumed all executive, legislative and judicial powers and ruled by decree. 

Unity and solidarity with political prisoners is needed more than ever before as the autocracy seeks to isolate political prisoners from the people. The CPS further calls for concerted efforts within the progressive movement to provide practical material support to all political prisoners and their families.