CP of Swaziland, CPS condemns police stop and search operation as political intimidation

3/21/22 4:11 PM
  • Swaziland, Communist Party of Swaziland Es Africa Communist and workers' parties

18 March 2022: - Communist Party of Swaziland (CPS) activists were this afternoon, Friday 18 March 2022, at around 17:00 detained by Big Bend police in Swaziland. The three CPS activists were connecting from Manzini to the Lubombo region, east of Swaziland, as part of the CPS mission to mobilise communities and raise political awareness of the need for democracy in Swaziland.

A group of over 15 police officers harassed our Comrades and confiscated CPS material. The comrades refused to board the police van in spite of reinforcement from the police.

The CPS warns police against such acts and calls upon the Big Bend station commander, Mr Ntjakala, to cooperate with us in recovering our material and give good advice to his unit to not act callously as the situation in the country remains uncertain.

Provocative behaviours should be avoided in particular from security agencies to allow a peaceful transition to democracy. The arrogance and stupid war mongering of Mswati must not be entertained but instead be replaced by sober professionalism by all in both sides of the political spectrum.

Our country is desperate for a peaceful transition which Mswati and his political elites are rebuking and rejecting outright. Security agencies in Swaziland must not buy into the menace of the dictatorship which has no forward movement other than to destroy everyone who has ignorantly pledged to serve the outdated and failed system.

The CPS will not accept any barbarian acts from the rogue regime. The struggle for democracy now has already won what is necessary to build on to realise the popular ideal of the majority of our people.

The CPS will appreciate a positive cooperation with Mr Ntjakala to resolve the reckless conduct of his unit, in the interest of peace.