CP of Swaziland, Message of solidarity to the 8th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba

4/19/21 11:53 AM
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The Communist Party of Swaziland (CPS) congratulates the Communist Party of Cuba on its 8th Congress, and sends great wishes to the delegates for a successful Congress. The CPS supports the continuity principle with which the Communist Party of Cuba has grounded its Congress. The transition from one generation another, based on socialist construction and anti-imperialism, will give strength to the people’s defence of their freedoms, as well as inspire the rest of the working class of the world to construct socialism in their own countries.

The 8th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba is held within key historical dates of the Cuban Revolution. The CPS thus joins the Cuban people in celebrating the 60th anniversary of the proclamation of the socialist character of the Cuban Revolution by Comandante en jefe Fidel Castro Ruz (April 16) as well as the 60th anniversary of the Cuban people’s victory against American invasion at Playa Giron (April 19).

The CPS stands in unwavering solidarity with the Cuban people against imperialist aggression. Over the decades, the Cuban people have fought bravely against the economic embargo and political interference on their country, particularly by the USA. The United Nations has time and again passed resolutions condemning the USA’s unilateral embargo, condemning it as unlawful as it violates international law.

The hard work of the Cuban people especially in constructing a humane and people-grounded healthcare system has not escaped the people of Swaziland’s attention. In addition, the internationalist role of the Cuban Medical Brigade will inspire even future generations especially on the importance of solidarity-based political and economic systems in the improvement of human health.

The CPS continues to wage the fight to overthrow the absolute monarchy and build socialism in our country. The healthcare system in Swaziland has virtually collapsed due to the inherently corrupt acts of the absolute monarchy. Only the unity of the masses as a whole will take the country forward in a decisive battle against the oppressor. The Mswati autocracy’s strength is also drawn from outside, chiefly from imperialist forces, among which include the USA, European Union, and Israel. It continues to exist because it has placed itself as a useful tool for imperialism. These imperialist forces, in return, pour in money and resources to rescue the regime every time the masses rise to topple it. We thus invite the 8th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba to take a strong stand against all puppets of imperialism, including Swaziland, in order to open up space for the independent construction of socialism, and indeed working-class internationalism.

Long live the Communist Party of Cuba!