CP of Sweden, The Turkish-Swedish Agreement Illustrates Yet Again the Social Democrats' True Nature

7/7/22 5:16 PM
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The Turkish-Swedish Agreement Illustrates Yet Again the Social Democrats' True Nature


Only a few hours after the governments of Sweden and Turkey came to their deplorable agreement over Sweden’s NATO membership application, Turkey has requested the extradition of persons living in Sweden with refugee status, these having fled brutal repression in Turkey. 

In its pursuit of joining NATO Sweden’s bourgeoisie abandons everything that can be termed as human rights. To become a full member in the imperialist military alliance which is NATO the Swedish government accepts Turkey’s cause as its own. Those who the Turkish government call terrorists the Swedish government shall also call terrorists and join in cooperation against them. 

That these are the depths to which the Swedish Social Democratic Party has sunk to in the pursuit of a Swedish NATO membership comes as no surprise to us. The Social Democrats have gone from pretending to be skeptical towards a NATO membership, to doing whatever is necessary to strengthen Swedish monopoly capital’s competitiveness and to secure new markets for it, not least of which are markets for arms export. 

The agreement with Turkey reveals yet again that participation in imperialist alliances poses a threat against the democratic rights of the peoples, rights that can only be reclaimed through the struggle for socialism. 

The Communist Party of Sweden condemns this agreement which the Social Democratic government of Sweden has made with the government of Turkey, just as we condemn the ascension of Sweden into NATO. 

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