CP of Turkey, Mass rally from TKP on 101st anniversary

9/14/21 2:54 PM
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Thousands of people gathered in Istanbul's Kartal Square for the rally organized by the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) under the slogan "Do not postpone, do not lose time, do not settle for less! Now is the time for socialism".

TKP Secretary General Kemal Okuyan and Dersim Mayor Fatih Mehmet Maçoğlu gave speeches and actors Orhan Aydın and Levent Ülgen, poet Tuğrul Keskin, artist Gülcan Altan, and Los Obreros and Yapıcılar music groups took the stage. At the rally, where the 101st anniversary of the founding of the TKP was celebrated, the speakers expressed the need for socialism with a special emphasis on the need for a secular and equal order. The speakers, who revealed the harms of the reactionary and market-oriented policies of the AKP, also expressed that a third front must be established against the existing bourgeois alliances of the establishment in the country.

TKP Secretary General Kemal Okuyan said, "We will jointly establish a third front in Turkey with the strength and energy we will get from you. The voices of laborers and secular people of Turkey will be louder. We know that we are not alone, we will not walk alone." Okuyan also called on all the participants to be a part of this struggle and join the ranks of TKP.

The crowd gathered in the rally area made their voices heard by accompanying the slogans and songs together. Cargill workers, DES, İMES, KADOSAN industrial site workers, construction workers solidarity network, municipality workers, Carrefour workers, cafe-bar workers solidarity network, who continue to resist, made their voices heard with banners.



In his speech, Kemal Okuyan reminded of the lies told about communists in the past and expressed how the people were afraid of communists and the goal of equality. However, he reminded that these lies will not work from now on, and said that the number of people who think it is possible to establish a new country has increased.

"When the working class comes to power, exploitation will be prohibited. War propaganda will be banned, racism will be banned. We will nationalize all factories, rivers, underground and aboveground resources, our coasts, banks; they will become the property of the society.

We will walk off from the imperialist institutions, foreign soldiers will be gone. Religious affairs will be separated from politics, no one will touch people's beliefs, but in politics, no one will be able to open their hands to pray and show-off," Okuyan said, referring to the recent presence of the Religious Affairs Director at the opening of the judicial year.



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