CP of Turkey, TKP International Labour Bulletin - 18.04.2020

4/21/20 10:11 AM
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It has been a month since the first indigenous COVİD-19 case was confirmed and a partial lock down was declared in Turkey. Since then the AKP government has proved its pro-bosses preferences and its incapacity in public administration. The pandemic situation is escalating and threatening the working class as a widespread crisis in the country.


The Communist Party of Turkey TKP and the PE (Breathe down the bosses’ neck) Solidarity Network reacted severely and responded continuously on this crisis situation in Turkey starting from the early days of the COVID-19 situation.

TKP released a statement on March 17, just before the confirmation of the first indigenous case in Turkey, declaring that the coronavirus outbreak would only be under control in a socialist republic in Turkey, with the help of nationalized medical institutions and free health services as economic crises would be prevented under central planning.

See the full statement in the link

Following that first response TKP another statement declaring a set of urgent policies to be put in practice in order to combat the escalating crisis in Turkey. As the number of confirmed cases have been increasing every day, TKP warned that the measures taken by the government were not sufficient to decrease the intensity of the crisis. The statement was calling for urgent steps for nationalizations and central planning to ensure that all the resources will be used for the people.

See the link for the full statement signed by the Central Committee of TKP

While the death toll was increasing and the severity of the coronavirus crisis deepening the AKP government and the President Erdoğan have been announcing the people to stay at home without taking necessary precautions for basic public needs and letting the big bosses keep their business running. The TKP issued a statement on March 29th listing the immediate precautions to prevent the spread of the epidemic, as the Turkish government continues putting the workers' lives and health at risk in the country.

See the link for the statement.

Before completing the first month of the crisis on 15th April, TKP released a statement, calling on the working people of Turkey to join the ranks of the party to change this social order. TKP declared that the people should take the steps to get rid of this order that threatens humanity as a whole and should make Turkey an example.

See the link for the call.


The PE - “Breathe down the bosses’ neck!” Solidarity Network maintains it struggle


The PE- “Breathe down the bosses’ neck!” Solidarity Network claimed a decisive position from the early days of the coronavirus crisis. Right after the declaration of the novel coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) as pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), the PE brought forward a requests list which is to be immediately implemented by the Turkish government for labour rights and their sanitary requirements against the rapidly spreading.

The PE, underlined that the measures to be taken must protect workers rather than the avarice of opportunist bosses.

See the link for PE declaration

After the first month’s developments, the crisis proved itself to be a long term one, the PE clarified its position and underlined the dedication on the class struggle.The soL news has interviewed Turkey's PE official Zehra Güner on the rising pace and importance of Turkey’s prominent worker solidarity network.

See the link for the interview with Zehra Güner from PE


News from the ongoing class struggle during the coronavirus crisis in Turkey


Health Sector:


Healthcare workers of Turkey demand urgent measures amid pandemic

A group of health professionals of Turkey has issued a declaration to be signed, describing their urgent demands in the face of the coronavirus outbreak.

Healthcare workers from Turkey's big cities concerned about insufficient measures risking their lives

“Although the medical mask protects only for a few hours, you only have one mask during the day, that is if you can get hold of one. I bought a couple of fabric masks, I wash them and reuse them during the day,” a healthcare worker says. 

Fundamental rights of healthcare workers suspended by Turkish gov’t as COVID-19 dramatically spreading

The AKP government attempts to suspend the most fundamental rights of infected healthcare workers who are at the forefront of the struggle against COVID-19 pandemic.


Other Sectors:

Factory workers of Turkey: No precautions, no social distance

The workers of Turkey, who cannot stay at home because they have to earn their livings, have explained the lack of precautions at workplaces to the PE worker solidarity network.

Turkish textile workers attacked with sticks after stopping working due to COVID-19

The guards of a textile boss attacked the workers with sticks in Turkey’s İzmir as the workers stopped working after some of their colleagues were tested positive for COVID-19.

Factory workers stop working due to lack of health measures against pandemic in Turkey

Workers in Sanel Auto Electronic factory in İstanbul has stopped working to protest the lack of health measures against the pandemic. They will use the right to “abstain from work” by the article 13 in Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331, the workers has announced.

Workers of Turkey's business partner of Coca-Cola and Pepsi concerned about insufficient precautions

Workers denounced that the precautions executed in the huge AC producer, a partner of Pepsi and CocaCola, are insufficient although the increasing number of cases of Covid-19 in Manisa, Turkey.

PE releases statement on dismissal of construction worker reacting against bad working conditions

Turkey's PE Construction Workers Solidarity Network issued a press release regarding the dismissal of a worker at Bakırköy Subway Construction site due to the images he shared on social media.