CP of Turkey, TKP took to streets: Long live International Workers' Day!

5/3/21 11:15 AM
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This social order will change!
Long live May 1st!


Those who assume that they can rule this country with decrees, circulars, lies or bans are grossly mistaken. Where there is exploitation, bullying, injustice, there exists also struggle. The working class and the toiling people are raising the struggle for equality in Turkey, as in all parts of the world.

Salutes to all organizations and all those who took to streets to strengthen the voice of labour in Turkey’s cities and villages, squares and neighbourhoods, factories and streets on May 1st.

Communist Party of Turkey has shown once again that the bans imposed by the ruling government will lose their meaning in the face of organized struggle, with marches and demonstrations in many neighborhoods of İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir.

Hundreds of our citizens joined the ranks of TKP today, and many others are applying to join our local organizations all over the country. We are inviting all those who echo with our slogan “Boyun Eğme” (I’m not bowing down) to join TKP.

We are not helpless in the face of unemployment and poverty.

This social order will change.

Those detained on May 1st demonstrations should be released immediately.


Long live May 1st! 

Long Live Socialism!