CP of Turkey, The streets belong to the revolutionaries! The Cuban people will not surrender!

7/13/21 9:03 AM
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The events in Cuba since yesterday show that the imperialism is not going to stop troubling the revolutionary Cuban people. The struggle of the two classes, the exploiters and the working people, whose interests will never reconcile with each other, showed itself once again with the provocation started on the streets of Cuba. Who stands on which side in this struggle is clearly seen from their attitude towards Cuba.


First of all, everyone should know very well that the reason for all the difficulties that the Cuban people have experienced for years is the US blockade. Imperialism cannot accept the fact that this small island country has challenged itself for more than sixty years, trying to subdue the Cubans by using different means each time. It is such a dirty attack that they try to use even the COVID-19 pandemic, which affects the whole world, as an opportunity and seek a way to pressure Cuba even more in these difficult times. Who is behind these is the USA government, which has not been able to protect its own people against the spread of the virus for the past year and a half, and has almost watched thousands of people die from preventable causez, while continuing to incite war all over the world.


Following the protest demonstrations that developed in some parts of Cuba yesterday, the fierce enemies of Cuba tried to both unsettle the Cuban people and manipulate the international public opinion by spreading false and misleading messages on social media. Counter-revolutionaries, who took advantage of the situation, tried to use these manipulations as a justification for intervening in Cuba.


But they will not succeed. Because Cubans know these conspiracies of the USA better than anyone. This revolutionary people knows both their friends and their enemies very well. No one will allow sacrificing the revolution! We have full confidence that Fidel’s children will thwart this conspiracy with calmness and organization. As friends and comrades of Cuba, we will also do our part, and we will not allow anyone to defame Cuba on unfair accusations.


Imperialism will not defeat Cuba. As Miguel Diaz-Canel, President of the Socialist Republic of Cuba, said, “The streets belong to the revolutionaries” and will remain so!


Long live Socialist Cuba!


Long live the Revolution!


Communist Party of Turkey


Central Committee