CP of Ukraine, Appeal to support our Georgian comrades

4/21/20 10:24 AM
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Dear comrades! 


We call for your support and solidarity with the head of the Georgian communists Temur Pipia!  Please find attached his appeal. 

On March 29th Georgian authorities committed another act of vandalism: basing on the so-called law "Charter of Freedom" they confiscated 300 medals "To the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory”. 

The "Freedom Charter" was adopted by the Georgian Parliament in 2011. The "Charter" prohibits communist symbols and ideology. In essence, the law is directed against communist ideology and is itself fascist in nature. It serves as a legal basis for repressive practices that are systematically applied in Georgia against socialist and communist political forces.  

The aforementioned seizure is not the first time that the above-mentioned law has been enacted. During the period of the "Charter" many facts of confiscation of red flags, various posters with Soviet symbols, facts of detention and prohibition of socialist propaganda or restoration of friendly relations with Russia were recorded. There were such cases in Tbilisi, Gori, Telavi and Batumi.   

This law and actions aimed at its implementation violate fundamental human rights and freedoms, such as: the right to freedom of thought and conscience, freedom of speech, other rights defined by international law and the constitution of Georgia.   

We have to express our categorical protest! 

We call on friendly organizations, politicians, members of the parliaments to engage in an international campaign to condemn violations of political rights and freedoms in Georgia


Communist Party of Ukraine

Central Committee

Department for the International Relations