CP of Ukraine, Victory Day 9th of May

5/8/20 11:47 AM
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Dear comrades!

Please accept congratulations of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine with the 75th anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, which saved the USSR, Europe and the whole world from the threat of fascist slavery and genocide.

The tragedy of that terrible war is the main lesson of the twentieth century. It serves as a reminder to everyone about what leads to indifference and compromise with the Nazis. But it also demonstrated the unique example of the military fraternity of the countries of the anti-Hitler coalition.

Accept our tribute to the courage of the soldiers of the allied armies, who together with the Red Army fought against fascism and broke the back of the Nazi beast. Let us bow before the strength of spirit of the generation of Victors, who won the the greatest military battle for peace, for the prosperity of the peoples and countries of the world community.

But the threats and challenges of the 21st century again, like on the eve of that war, appeal to our mind and to our vigilance. Today it’s our turn to defend the conquests of a common Great Victory from the revived fascism and by joint efforts to immediately stop the heroization of Nazi criminals and collaborants, to stop attempts of the ruling bourgeois regimes and their to reconcile convicted by the international tribunal in Nuremberg criminals with their ideological extortionists with fighters.

Fascist ideology and its bearers, outlawed back in Nuremberg, have no place in modern society!

May Victory Day and strong friendship, tempered during the war against fascism, despite various obstacles, be an eternal reminder to future generations at what cost Peace on Earth was won.

Our deep bow to your war veterans! We wish each of them, their relatives and friends health, prosperity, happiness, confidence in the future and bright hopes for the future!

Happy Great Victory Day!

First secretary

Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine

Petro Symonenko