Extraordinary TeleConference of the IMCWP, Text of Joint Actions

12/15/21 11:41 AM
  • Extraordinary TeleConference of the IMCWP En Communist and workers' parties

Text of Joint Actions


The Communist and Workers' Parties in 2022 will develop joint and convergent actions on the following main axes:


  • Support of the struggles of the working class for workers’–peoples rights, including millions of immigrant workers. Utilization of 1 st of May for the promotion of demands for the right to work, health, education, culture; for the protection of the unemployed; for decent salaries and pensions. In solidarity with immigrants and refugees for their rights to live and work on equal conditions, against racism and xenophobia.
  • For protection measures against the pandemic and the reinforcement of public healthcare systems. For the waiver of patent protections for all COVID-19 vaccines and medicines that are being used or developed; for ensuring that all people, especially the poorest countries and the poor popular strata, have access to them. For highlighting the anti-popular and ineffective management of the pandemic by the capital, which has turned it into an opportunity for further exploitation of workers and greater profitability of monopolies.
  • Activities against anti-communism and the distortion of the historical contribution of the USSR and socialism, utilizing milestone anniversaries such as the founding of the USSR on 30 December 1922. Solidarity with communists and militants faced with persecution and bans, against dictatorial regimes, repression, restrictions, and discrimination as regards democratic rights and freedoms, in order to end the unacceptable regime of persecution and bans on Communist Parties.
  • In solidarity with people’s mobilizations against the degradation and destruction of the environment caused by the anarchy of the capitalist production and the race for business profit.
  • Initiatives to promote the necessity, timeliness, and realistic character of socialism as the only alternative to capitalism, in favor of the workers and the peoples in the contemporary conditions.
  • In support of Cuba, its people, and the Communist Party of Cuba; against the interventions and undermining plans of imperialism. For the end of the unacceptable US blockade against Cuba.
  • With the people of Palestine for the end of the occupation, and in favor of self-determination, establishing a national, independent state with occupied East Jerusalem as its capital and for the return of the refugees, in accordance with the UN resolutions, such as the 194 resolution of the General Assembly of the UN, supporting the resistance of the Palestinian people, condemning the criminal policy of Israel and the imperialist proposal of the so-called “deal of the century", and for the release of all political prisoners.
  • Solidarity with all the peoples struggling against foreign occupation, blockades, sanctions, machinations, and imperialist aggression.
  • Support for initiatives developed by pro-peace and anti-imperialist movements for peace and sovereignty, against militarism, imperialist wars and interventions, NATO and other imperialist military alliances, and foreign military bases.
  • Condemnation of the preparation for new imperialist interventions and wars, such as those foreshadowed by the concentration of mass NATO military forces in the borders with Russia that also utilize the provocative plans of the reactionary Ukrainian regime against the people of Donbas.
  • The Communist and Workers’ Parties expressed the need to reinforce their cooperation at a bilateral and regional level and strengthen the efforts to hold the 22nd IMCWP within 2022, taking into consideration the developments around the pandemic.