PPS of Mexico, Statement on Ukraine and Kazakhstan

1/31/22 2:38 PM
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Statement on Ukraine and Kazakhstan

The fall of real socialism in Europe, in addition to being a severe blow to all humanity, brought terrible consequences for the peoples of the East European region, as witnessed by the numerous wars that have been fought in the geography of the former USSR. The crisis in Kazakhstan earlier this year highlighted the political and social volatility within some of the now independent republics, and the enormous danger that internal conflicts can pose in an increasingly interconnected world.

In this context, the growing tension started at the end of 2021 in the territory of Ukraine, which maintains a military campaign against the two secessionist republics of Donbas: Luhansk and Donetsk, may trigger a new war. A conflict of this type and under the current circumstances could quickly escalate into a multilateral conflagration with implications that are difficult to calculate and with very dangerous implications.

The Popular Socialist Party of Mexico considers that the situation of instability and social discontent, both in Kazakhstan and in Ukraine (the latter also in a state of war) are, economically, a direct product of the implementation of neoliberal and dependent capitalism. On the political level, the repression of social movements and the criminalization of communism has closed the doors to a genuine political representation of the working class, leaving them at the mercy of the local oligarchies and their foreign partners.

For these reasons, the Popular Socialist Party of Mexico condemns in the strongest terms:

  • The reckless aspirations of the Ukrainian government, sponsored by its American and European partners, to resolve the conflict with the use of force.
  • The irresponsible goal of including Ukraine in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which, if realized, would do nothing for the peace of the country or the region, but rather the opposite.
  • The Ukrainian government's numerous violations of the Minsk treaties and its lack of political will to resolve the conflict peacefully.

Likewise, the Socialist People's Party of Mexico joins the voices that demand:

  • The satisfaction of the legitimate demands of the working classes in both Ukraine and Kazakhstan.
  • The immediate legalization of the Communist Parties in both Republics.
  • To put an end to the interfering policies of foreign powers that seek to carry out "color revolutions" or soft coups in other countries.

But above all and most importantly, we demand:

  • The renunciation of the military way to impose imperialist political agendas.


We call upon:

  • The peoples of the world and their advanced organizations to be alert and denounce the provocative siege of NATO troops in this region.

For friendship among the peoples and proletarian internationalism!
National Directorate of the Popular Socialist Party of Mexico