South African CP, Joint statement: We stand in solidarity with the Sudanese people and communists in their resistance to the military coup!

11/2/21 3:58 PM
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Joint statement:  We stand in solidarity with the Sudanese people and communists in their resistance to the military coup!


The Communist and Workers Parties signing this joint statement stand in solidarity with the people of Sudan, in strongly condemning the military coup of Monday 25 October 2021 and call for the immediate return to the constitutional order that existed before Monday's coup d'état. 

The Sudanese Communist Party (SCP) has characterised the developments since Monday as a fully-fledged coup by the military, which has acted unilaterally in dissolving organs of the transitional authority in violation of the Constitutional Document. The coup leaders have abrogated 7 important clauses of the Constitutional Document. 

They have also dissolved trade unions and popular organisations. Political leaders and members of the cabinet and one civilian member of the Supreme Council have been detained. 

The coup wants to return Sudan to a point before the December Revolution (which began on 19 December 2018). It is a futile exercise that will cause more bloodshed and hardship for the Sudanese people. 

The parties signing this statement are confident that the Sudanese people will not allow the coup and counter-revolution to succeed. The youth and popular strata of the ‘December Revolution’ will continue to strive for a better Sudan that enjoys ‘Freedom, Peace, and Justice’ (the slogan of the Revolution that was the motto of the 6th Congress of the Sudanese Communist Party held in 2016. 

The people of Sudan have the right to democratic sovereignty, to determine their own future freely, peacefully, and independently. 

We support the Sudanese people’s resolve to unite in protest against the onslaught by the military. The actions by the military reflect the legacy of the many years of its embeddedness in, and the history of the atrocities committed with its active involvement against the people during the merciless dictatorial regime that was led by Omar Al Bashir. 

We pledge our solidarity with the people of Sudan and the Sudanese Communist Party in their struggle for unity, democracy, and social emancipation.


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