South African CP, SACP condemns US-UK military aggression in Yemen

2/12/24 1:23 PM
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South African Communist Party

SACP condemns US-UK military aggression in Yemen


Friday 9 February 2024: The South African Communist Party (SACP) strongly condemns the continued US and British military aggression in Yemen. On Monday, 5 February 2024, the Western imperialist regimes escalated their military aggression by bombarding the eastern part of Saada City in Yemen and violating Yemen’s territorial integrity. The US and the UK escalated their continued foreign military aggression against Yemen, another country, in a different global region, the Middle East, under the pretext of self-defence. The imperialist regimes have hit over 36 targets and are still increasing the targets in Yemen since Monday.

The continuous US and UK military bombardment of Yemen has everything to do with seeking control and exploitation of Yemen’s resources, including through navigation, and subjugation of Yemen’s people. The violation of the Yemeni people’s right to self-determination sits at the core of US-UK imperialist aggression in Yemen as well as everywhere else as they seek to control the entire world, in service of these two capitalist countries’ bourgeoisie.

In solidarity with the people of Yemen, the SACP calls for unity of the working-class and all justice and peace-loving people across the world to defend the right to democratic national sovereignty. The people of Yemen reserve all their territorial integrity rights and have the right to determine their destiny free from foreign aggression and control.