16th Party Congress of Philippine CP(PKP-1930)

11/7/23 2:17 PM
  • Philippines, Philippines Communist Party [PKP - 1930] En Asia Communist and workers' parties

In advance, we wish to inform our fraternal parties and comrade worldwide that our party, the Philippine Communist Party (PKP-1930) will hold its 16th Party Congress on November 7, 2023. This date is very significant to us for it coincide the 93th Anniversary of our Party’s public proclamation and the commemoration of the Great October Socialist Revolution.

The Congress will be attended by several hundreds of delegates coming from different party organs nationwide. It will discussed and approve the Party’s Political Analysis and Program, the Constitution and By Laws, the Party Five (5) Years Plan of Action, and will elect the party leadership.

We expect that in consonant with our internationalist fraternization, we gratefully invitesour fraternal parties to send their greetings and statement of comradely support and fraternity before the above cited date and to the same e-mail address.

Thank You,

Revolutionary Greeting,


Eduardo F. Landayan

General Secretary

Philippine Communist Party