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02.05.2003, Greetings to the 8th Congress of the Communist
Party of Bangladesh 
From: Popular Socialist Party, Friday, May 02, 2003
mailto:amezcua@data.net.mx ,

Mujahidul Islam Selim 
General Secretary
Communist Party of Bangladesh.

Dear Comrade:
Receive the most warm greetings from our Party for the 8th
Congress of the Communist Party of Bangladesh.

The Congress meets when all humanity confronts a very
dangerous situation due to the nazi-fascist, deep agressive
actitude of United States goverment, which, in ourder to
conslidate its domination, is ready to make war agaist any
country and any people of the world. Yesterday it was
Afganistan, later Irak, and now they are avaluating if they
go first against Cuba, Democratic Korea, Syria or Iran.

The Congress will discuss very important issues for the
future of Bangldesh people and all the peoples of the
world, and surely it will take very important desitions.
So, you have our complete solidarity.

Cuauht�moc Amezcua Dromundo,
First Secretary.
Jos� Santos Urbina Mendoza,
International Relations Secretary.


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