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NCP of the Netherlands, Against Anti-communism
From: New Communist Party Netherlands
http://www.ncpn.nl , mailto:manifest@wanadoo.nl 

NCP of the Netherlands, Against Anti-communism

The New Communist Party of the Netherlands strongly
protests against Anti-communism in Poland and elsewhere in

On June 8th a new law came into effect in Poland making it
illegal to use any symbols which the rulers consider
communist. The use of such symbols will be punishable.

The NCPN will take steps to fight this decission.

The government of Poland, a country like the Netherlands,
being EU-member, should be made clear that this law
suppresses the freedom of expression and other human rights
that should belong to all people in a modern world.

All democrats in Europe should stop the fascist and Nazi
forces that gain still increasing influence in Poland, in
the Czech Republic, in Hungary, in the Baltic States and
elsewhere in Europe.

Every attempt to compare communism with Nazism is a
criminal lie and a reactionary falsification of history.

The communists were among the first ones to fight actively
against Nazism in all its aspects. This happened in
Germany, in the Netherlands, and in the Eastern European
states. It took the life of thousands of communists. It was
the Soviet Union that with tremendous human sacrifices was
the leading force that together with communist and other
resistant movements in all occupied countries including the
Netherlands and with the allied nations ensured the defeat
of Nazis rule in Europe.

We urge all democratic people to protest against these
attacks on the organisations and symbols of the working

We will send messages to the Dutch government, the Dutch
parliament and the Dutch members of the European
Parliament. They should all participate in the protests
against this undemocratic legislation that we see in Poland
and elsewhere. 
We wish the Communist Party of Poland strength and success
in their fight for a decent and democratic Poland.

New Communist Party of the Netherlands (NCPN)
Wil van der Klift
International secretary



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