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WFTU, Solidarity with the Palestinian People
From: World Federation of Trade Unions
http://www.wftucentral.org , mailto:info@wftucentral.org 

world federation of trade unions

Athens, June 8th 2010

Solidarity with the Palestinian People
Three-day Strike for Israel commercial vessels

Dear colleagues, trade unionists and workers, 

The Secretariat of the World Federation of Trade Unions has
today decided to call a strike for three days at all ports
of the world against Israel commercial vessels to or from

We call on all naval workers, dock workers and all workers
and all unions in the ports to refuse to load or unload
ships coming or heading for Israel. 

The TUI Transport of the WFTU is at the forefront of this
This action is a practical demonstration of the militant
solidarity with the Palestinian People. This is a proof of
militant solidarity against the blockade of the Gaza Strip.

In this way we express our demand for an independent and
democratic Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its
capital. Furthermore, we demand the immediate lifting of
the blockade on the Gaza Strip. 

We condemn the killings of nine Turkish activists and once
again we express our sincere condolences to their families.

The world working class watches with dismay the tactics of
the UN and the hypocrisy of the European Union. At the same
time, we are aware of the inter-capitalist competition and
the dangers it creates for the peace in the region of
Southeast Mediterranean. 

Moreover, it is clear that the Israeli government could not
carry out these crimes with impunity without the support
and encourage of the U.S. and its allies. 

Colleagues, trade union leaders at the ports of the world,

No one must remain silent! No one must remain neutral! 

We must act now because we are all Palestinians! 

You decide the dates in the month of June for the three
days of strike-boycott against the Israel policy. You
choose the best way to react, the best way of showing
solidarity with the heroic struggle of the Palestinian
People. Let�s all act now. 

3-day strike in all ports		Stop the blockade of Gaza
now		free, independent and democratic Palestinian Sate 		


Messages of solidarity: General Union of Palestinian
e-mail: mohammed_yahya2007@yahoo.com 
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs : feedback@mfa.gov.il
TUI Transport e-mail: info@tui-transport.org 
WFTU e-mail: info@wftucentral.org 
European Union e-mail: COMM-SPP-HRVP-ASHTON@ec.europa.eu
UN e-mail: nationalinstitutions@ohchr.org

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