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CP of Pakistan, Condemnation & solidarity Communiqu�
From: Communist Party of Pakistan
http://www.cppak.org/  , mailto:cppak2003@yahoo.com 

Condemnation & solidarity communiqu� ,

 The Communist Party of Pakistan strongly condemns the anti
Communist sentiments every where and  particularly in
Poland ,where the Govt is going to impose ban on Communist
symbols and manifestation ,which is at large very  inhuman
and utter undemocratic ,rather greatly uncivilized and
barbaric action of the Polish authorities.

This kind of political attitude of the Polish authorities
is a stigma on the claimed European democratic ,civilized
and freedom liberty  norms of the polity ,for which they
must have a profound  shame even for hatching such a
Talibanised idea.

This is high time not only for the Communists to raise
their voice of resentment over this 21st century's medieval
paradox of the Polish Government ,but every force and group
in the Europe and the world over must come forward and
record to play ,their respective role in hampering the
proposed anti-communist  decree of the Polish authorities.

We understand ,that such political intimidations  and
persecutions meted out to the Communist forces by the
parasite gang-hoes  of capitalism and imperialism cannot be
of any help to keep us at bay from our undying class
struggle and sacrifices for the establishment of a society
free from every exploitations ,speculations and injustices
,known as socialism and communism.

With this the ,Communist Party of Pakistan ,expresses its
cordial fraternal solidarity with the comrades in the
Communist Party of Poland and all other fraternal forces in
the EU .

2): Similarly  The Communist Party of Pakistan also
strongly denounces the recent brutal attack of the Israeli
forces over the Humanitarian aid carrying Flotilla ships
fro  the people of Gaza ,who are since long under the
inhuman  blockade of the Israeli Government .

CPP ,reiterates its solidarity and all out support to the
people of Palestine ,condemns the continuous atrocities of
the Israeli government and demands the international
community to exert every possible pressure over the Israeli
authorities for the release of the Gaza blockade and
stopping brutalities .

CPP also extends its heart felt condolences to the families
and friends of the victims of the flotilla.

In solidarity ,

Dr .Shafiq Ahmed.

Int'l department, Communist Party of Pakistan.


Communist Party of Pakistan
Central Secretariat: D-168, Naseem Nagar Phase-III,
Hyderabad, Sindh. 
Phone: +92-22-2654531, Fax: +92-22-2654531, 
Mob: +92-333-2714014, +92-300-3065723, 
E-Mail: cppak2003@yahoo.com       
Web: www.cppak.org   


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