CP of Pakistan, CP Pakistan strongly condems USA, on its attempt to oust democratic Govt of Venezuela

1/28/19 2:57 PM
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Communist Party of Pakistan is profoundly concerned about the situation in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The recent rogue attempts to oust the legitimate President Nicolas Maduro from power is against all the international  norms.

President Nicolas Maduro is elected through an election, testified by, a contingent of international observers. to be fair and free.

The consistent covert  and overt attempts  of the Trump administration to destabilize the democratically elected government of Venezuela and illegitimately endorsing the presidency of self proclaimed undemocratic  Joud Guaido is an act of cowardice and unprecedented breach of the diplomatic norms, as well as a clear violation of UN charter .

Communist party of Pakistan strongly condemns this wicked behavior of the imperialist United States of America.

It is highly encouraging that the brave people of Venezuela, the Army and Judiciary stand by the democratically elected government.

Communist Party of Pakistan solutes the struggle and resolute standing of the people of Venezuela. We are confident that the people of Venezuela be victorious through its unity and the shenanigan forces of imperialism and capitalist barbarism will be defeated for all times to come .

In profound solidarity with the people of Venezuela .



CP Pakistan


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