CP of Swaziland, Communist Party of Swaziland condemns imperialist aggression against Venezuela

1/25/19 3:37 PM
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The Communist Party of Swaziland (CPS) condemns the coup attempt led by the United States under the leadership of its ultra-jingoist president, Donald Trump, and expresses its unwavering support for the democratically elected President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro.

The people of Venezuela deserve a chance to determine their future without such imperialist aggression by the United States or any force whatsoever. Plots aimed at imposing a puppet government which will rule at the behest and interests of any foreign government deserve widespread condemnation by the whole international community.

It must be recalled that this is not the first time the Unites States has attempted to overthrow a democratically elected president in Venezuela. They tried in 2002 to illegally remove the late President Hugo Chavez, but the people of Venezuela quickly put a stop to that mockery and reinstated President Chavez. Since then the people of Venezuela have continuously faced illegal sanctions imposed by the United States government which proved damaging to the Venezuelan economy.

It is now a well-documented fact that the United States has been pushing for unlimited access and control of Venezuelan oil – the largest oil reserves in the world. To do that, they need to impose a puppet president, like they have attempted in this latest incidence.

The Communist Party of Swaziland calls upon the working class of the world to rise up in defence of the people of Venezuela, against imperialism!

Issued by the Communist Party of Swaziland


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