Party of Labour of Austria, Against the US-led coup attempt in Venezuela

1/25/19 3:50 PM
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Statement by the Central Committee of the Party of Labour of Austria (PdA)


The Party of Labour of Austria condemns the attempt of the pro-imperialist and right-wing opposition, obviously directed by the USA, to install a puppet president through a coup. The elected president of Venezuela is Nicolas Maduro, and our solidarity goes to the progressive forces that are gathering to defend the president, the constitution, independence and self-determination of the country. In these difficult times, we particularly salute the members of the Communist Party of Venezuela, which has recently also suffered deaths as a result of the hired killers of the big landowners.

It is clear that the United States is seeking to take advantage of Venezuela's economic problems, which were essentially also caused by its embargo policy, to roll back into the age of right-wing and fascist puppet regimes. As in the past, southern America, which the USA regards as its backyard, is to be turned into a haven of reaction and fascism in the service of US corporations. The immediate recognition of the self-proclaimed "interim president" by the USA, the OAS and other states is contrary to any international law and proves the directing of this coup attempt by the imperialists.

We call on the anti-imperialist forces to resist the imperialist coup attempt together also here in Austria.

We demand from the Austrian Federal Government not to take part in the breach of international law by the USA and its allies, and also to act in the EU in such a way that the legitimate government and the legitimate president, Nicolas Maduro, continues to be regarded as Venezuela's state leadership.


Vienna, 25th January 2019


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