Sudanese CP, Sudanese Communist Party Solidarity statement with Venezuela people

1/29/19 3:22 PM
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The Sudanese Communist Party expresses its solidarity with the people of Venezuela and the progressive government of Maduro.

Our solidarity also extends to the Communist Party of Venezuela and its efforts in support of the achievements of the people of Venezuela, in spite of the imperialist hostilities and conspiracies tailored by the USA.

The USA and its allies have not saved any effort, during the past two decades,  to destabilize and defeat this symbolic model of development, which breaks away from its dominance and exploitation grip. Giving an example to the region countries to liberate its people  and control their vast resources.

The Sudanese Communist Party and its allies of democratic people express their strong condemnation of the imperialist and reactionary forces interventions in Valenzuela internal affairs, and call on the world democratic forces and freedom fighters to stand in support of Venezuela people and their democratically elected government.

Foreign Affairs Bureau
Sudanese Communist Party


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